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Feminism in The Yellow Wallpaper - 575 Words

The Feminist View of the Yellow Wallpaper The yellow wallpaper is a story about John and his wife who he keeps locked up due to her nervous condition of anxiety. John diagnoses her as sick and has his own remedy to cure her. His remedy s to keep her inside and deterring her from almost all activities. She is not allowed to write, make decisions on her own, or interact with the outside world. John claims that her condition is improving but she knows that it is not. She eats almost nothing all day and when it is suppertime she eats a normal meal. John sees this and proclaims her appetite is improving. Later in the story, the woman creates something of an imaginary friend trapped behind the horrible looking yellow wallpaper in†¦show more content†¦The times were hard for women; John does not know how much I really suffer. (p. 14). John also treats her more like his daughter than his wife; and calls me a blessed little goose (p. 15), helps to show how he does this he also read her to sleep as you would an infan t. Finally the room which John chooses for him and his wife is the old nursery for the house. The bed is immovable, it is nailed down (p 19). The windows are barred which gives it a setting of more like a prison or a mad house for the insane. The wallpaper in the nursery is described as horrid, It knocks you down, tramples you. It is like a bad dream. (p 25). She cannot stand the sight of the wallpaper and even discusses with John replacing it, John reasons with her saying that it wont be long before their house is finished and it would be a waste to replace the wallpaper. He also discusses that if he does that it will only be aiding her condition next it will be the bars on the window or something else that bothers her. The color could be relating to her sickness as Jaundice or that of the color minorities skin who may also be oppressed ( She begins analyzing the wallpaper, I will follow that pointless pattern to some conclusion. (p18). She describes that as a child she would look an ordinary thing in the house such as a dresser and be as satisfied as any other childShow MoreRelatedFeminism in The Yellow Wallpaper609 Words   |  2 Pagesâ€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper†, like many stories, has an underlying message that seems to be hidden between the lines. If you sit down and read this story once, you might see a bit of male domination of John over the narrator, but if you read it a second time and think deeper you see the true feminist theme. Gillman truly showed her feminist ways throughout this story, although it’s a short story and contains a lot of powerful messages in it. The first point is that Gillman uses metaphors to show her feminismRead MoreFeminism In The Yellow Wallpaper1446 Words   |  6 Pagesworld and the movement of women easily facilitates the mobility of men. Equality requires women to live in a society with no legislation on their bodies and to be able to live free of the sword and threat of sexual violence. It is not just the feminism of gender, it is also about racial and ethnic equality, equal capacity, gender, spirituality, class, and all the signs that define one of us. As we see the feminist novel deals not only with what we are but also with our ways of living. The narrativeRead MoreThe Yellow Wallpaper and Feminism2126 Words   |  9 Pagesshortcomings that history has given them. In Charlotte Perkin Gilman’s short story, â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper,† the dominance of a patriarchal society is exposed. The verisimilitude of Gilman’s imagery of the setting lengthily describes the isolation and confinement of the narrator and their effects on her. The house she is staying in is her own prison, and is a symbol of her isolation from society. Her room with the yellow wallpaper is another representation of the narrator’s oppression and her ambition to breakRead MoreFeminism : The Yellow Wallpaper1861 Words   |  8 PagesFeminism in â€Å"The Yellow Wal lpaper† While reading one can study the societal and feminist aspects of â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† and how they have helped change our society in ways like informing people about post-partum depression and its serious outcomes if not treated properly. While reading another thing to aspect to understand is what was happening in the world at the time Charlotte Perkins Gilman published this story that made it so well known. â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† is known as a feminist storyRead MoreYellow Wallpaper Feminism Essay1435 Words   |  6 Pagesyellow wallpaper The restrictions on the women movement in the world and the movement of women easily facilitates the mobility of men. Equality requires women to live in a society with no legislation on their bodies and to be able to live free of the sword and threat of sexual violence. It is not just the feminism of gender, it is also about racial and ethnic equality, equal capacity, gender, spirituality, class, and all the signs that define one of us. As we see the feminist novel deals notRead More Feminism, Womanhood, and The Yellow Wallpaper2218 Words   |  9 PagesFeminism, Womanhood, and The Yellow Wallpaper      Ã‚  Ã‚   The Victorian period in American history spawned a certain view of women that in many ways has become a central part of gender myths still alive today, although in a diluted way. In this essay, some characteristics of this view of women, often called The Cult of True Womanhood, will be explored with reference to Thomas R. Dew Dissertation on the Characteristic Differences Between the Sexes (1835). Some of the feminist developments arisingRead MoreFeminism In The Yellow Wallpaper1526 Words   |  7 Pages In Charlotte Perkins â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper,† which was published in 1892, the author explores the gender ideologies of the time period and how women were seen as inferior, resulting in unfair treatment in cases even involving their personal health. The main character, who is a woman named Jane, is led to insanity due to the unsuitable treatment received for her depression, but the insanity she goes into symbolizes a revelation. As she progresses into this insanity, the author ties in the discoveryRead More The Yellow Wallpaper as an Attack on Radical Feminism1139 Words   |  5 PagesThe Yellow Wallpaper as an Attack on Radical Feminism  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚        Ã‚   â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† explores mental illness and, through this exploration, presents a critique of the place of women in a patriarchal society. Interestingly, Charlotte Perkins Gilman never intended the latter. The primary intent of her short story is to criticize of a physician prescribed treatment called rest cure. The treatment, which she underwent, required female patients to â€Å"’live as domestic a life as possible’† (Gilman)Read MoreOn Feminism and ‘the Yellow Wallpaper’ by Charlotte Gilman1876 Words   |  8 PagesOn Feminism and ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ by Charlotte Gilman On the poets forum Feminism is based on the assumption that women have the same human, political and social rights as men, furthermore, that women should have the same opportunities as men in their personal choices regarding careers, politics and expression. A feminist text states the author’s agenda for women in society as they relate to oppression by a patriarchal power structure and the subsequent formation of social ‘standards’Read MoreExamples Of Feminism In The Yellow Wallpaper1089 Words   |  5 PagesThey could only speak if spoken too and of course did not have the right to vote. Women were seen more as property and were merely useless if they could not have children. This time period’s society was male dominated. Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s â€Å"The Yellow Wall-paper† strongly argues the theme of patriarchal control while in a authentic sense defines a feminist critique of the role of women. Gilman does a great example of relating the setting to the oppression of females during this time. Jane tells

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Human Trafficking Been A Recurring Issue Throughout History

Why has human trafficking been a recurring issue throughout history? The word â€Å"Freedom† is a right that most humans take for granted each day. Unfortunately, throughout the world, not everyone has this beloved privilege. Millions of unlucky men, women, and children are being executed or forced into what is known as a modern day slavery. The International Labor Organization estimates that there are 20.9 million victims of human trafficking globally, with hundreds of thousands in the United States. For thousands of years, humans have been forced into numerous forms of sexual and physical slavery. Human Trafficking has been a recurring issue throughout history because of its lack of awareness, economical burden on people, and financial gain for smugglers. Initially, human trafficking is a global issue that many are unfamiliar with or unaccustomed to. For example, Jeanne Allert, executive director of The Samaritan Women, which runs the Maryland Rescue and Restore Coalition on human trafficking states that, â€Å"There is simply a reluctance to accept that children in this area are victims of sex trafficking,† and â€Å"People do not believe it happens in the States.† In most communities, awareness of human trafficking is not present because society does not want to believe that human trafficking exists around them. Communities that have tried to publicly make address the issue of human trafficking have failed because of the confusion regarding who is the victim. In the United States,Show MoreRelatedSex Trafficking Throughout The United States2098 Words   |  9 PagesSex Trafficking Introduction: When looking for topics to research I wanted to do something that was a prominent problem in my hometown, which was Sex Trafficking (ST). Coming from Houston, Texas, Sex Trafficking has the 2nd largest home in Houston. The main highway I - 10 is the main road used to travel these victims to state lines to get them out of the country. A better definition of sex trafficking is when someone uses force, fraud or coercion to cause a commercial sex act with an adult or causeRead More Racial Profiling is Wrong Essay2242 Words   |  9 Pages or frisk a person on the street. While using race alone to decide if a crime has been committed is illegal in most states officers must find another reason to make a arrest or to give a ticket. Most racial profiling can be seen that major drug crimes are committed by minorities. Maybe that why gap that has formed between white cops, blacks and Hispanic population is a two way steam. Most minority groups have been influenced to dislike police officers. For example a survey taken in 1997 shows thatRead MoreRussian Politics Final Questions On The Soviet Revolution3732 Words   |  15 PagesScott Talentino Robert Nalbandov Russian Politics Russian Politics Final-Questions 1 3 Question 1-What were the most important causes of the fall of the Tsarist regime and its replacement by a â€Å"Socialist† system? Throughout various episodes in history, multiple variables contribute to the rise and collapse of different regimes. During the later stages of the Romanov dynasty in Russia, the Tsarist regime teetered towards collapse and eventually faced its demise due to a plethora of factorsRead MoreThe Social Impact of Drug Abuse24406 Words   |  98 Pages C. D. E. The global context . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Growing plants to produce drugs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Distribution and illicit trafficking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Consumption of drugs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Overview of opium/heroin and coca/cocaine . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Read MoreCrime in the United States4022 Words   |  17 Pagesmultifaceted Bostonians. Throughout Boston’s elongated history there la ys an alarming trend in increasing crime among youth in Boston’s inner city’s which have become a state wide concern. Crime is seen as having a ripple effect on people because violence has an effect on everyone. Violence kills more people under the age of 65 than do cancer and heart disease, the two illnesses that are mistakenly thought to be the most significant causes of death (Gilligan 527). Children have been described as ourRead MoreRisk on Studen Prostitute in Zamboanga City4811 Words   |  20 PagesHard-up students are turning to the sex industry to pay for their course fees, according to reports ( 2000). Young prostitute are earning by taking up pole dancing, escort work and prostitution to help fund their studies. The trend has been blamed on the rising cost of higher education, which will see some students graduate with projected debts and the proliferation of websites that facilitate opportunities for anonymous sex work. The High in tuition fees, soaring living costs and governmentRead MoreThe Origin, Development and Significance of Human Rights10255 Words   |  42 PagesHUMAN RIGHTS INTRODUCTION Human Rights are rights that belong to an individual or group of individuals as a consequence of being human. They refer to a wide continuum of values or capabilities thought to enhance human agency and declared to be universal in character, in some sense equally claimed for all human beings. It is a common observation that human beings everywhere demand the realization of diverse values or capabilities to ensure their individual and collective well-being. It also isRead MoreCountry Risk Analysis of Nigeria8877 Words   |  36 Pagesculture, people, economy, investment, opportunity, some key problems like Corruption, bureaucracy, piracy, Counterfeit, Criminal activities and fraud, legal safeguards etc. This paper also intends to show the regulatory framework issue, micro economic and macroeconomic issue to give a detailed picture of the Nigerian business Risk. But there are also upside risks especially to inflation, which could create challenges for Nigeria given emerging constraints (infrastructure). Nigeria is still todayRead MoreDrug Abuse8640 Words   |  35 Pages The first edition of the report on ‘drug abuse’ has been made by our group to give an idea of the calamitous cause of using drugs in improper way. The report is intended to serve the purpose of providing the knowledge about drug abuse and to suggest ways to help limit drug abuse. An effort has been made on our part to include certain symptoms which indicate drug abuse. Also throughout the report, repetitive use of the drug abuse’ has been made to instate into the minds of the reader the causeRead MoreRacism and Ethnic Discrimination44667 Words   |  179 PagesIndigenous Peoples’ Autonomy and Development Racism and Ethnic Discrimination in Nicaragua November 2006 Contents 1. 2. Introduction Structure of the study 2.1 Scope and methodology 4 7 7 3. Racism and individual and collective human rights 3.1 A note on cultural and ethnic identity 9 11 4. Racism: colonial inheritance 4.1 Nicaragua: multiethnic and pluricultural state 4.2 The historic roots of differences, discrimination, and racism 4.2.1 Spanish Conquest and its

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The Poem America By William Cullen - 1423 Words

Bryant, William Cullen. â€Å"America.†, The poem â€Å"America† is William Cullen Bryant’s nationalistic devotion and love for his motherland, which he portrays with vivid description and figurative language. In this poem, Bryant praises America as the â€Å"mother of a mighty race,† claiming that free Americans are now going to create major impact on the world with their new independence. Furthermore, he says that America does not know how the people of her country are devoted to her and will give up their own lives if they had to fight a foe for her. Bryant also exemplifies how foreign countries make fun of America by calling it a fairly new and underdeveloped country. To which he†¦show more content†¦He is educated by his master’s wife and learns an important lesson that changes his viewpoint of slavery: slavery exists not because the masters are better than their slaves, but because they keep their slaves ignorant. This epiphany develops Douglass’ fight for freedom. The next time his master tries to whip him, he fights back, deciding that he would rather be dead than be treated like a slave, marking an important change in history. Throughout his life, Frederick Douglass was passed around to different masters, but never gave up his strive for freedom. Towards the end of the book, he successfully escapes and managed to reach New York, but even after this, he realizes that even if he is free, his journey is not over and he is to continue his struggle until slavery is abolished. He writes his narrative as an active abolitionist to teach all aspects of the future American generation to follow his steps. Douglass, Frederick. â€Å"What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?† Teaching American History, Teaching American History, Another brilliant work by Frederick Douglass, â€Å"What to the Slave is the fourth of July?† is a speech that addresses and speaks to the frustration caused by the distinction created between the idealistic and real United States. This clear contrast is represented in his organization of his speech––one that starts withShow MoreRelatedThe Prairies Essay example686 Words   |  3 PagesMany images of nature in the writing at this time, as well as writers, encompass sympathetic interests in the past. One particular piece, William Cullen Bryants The Prairies captures an strong sympathetic look to the past. In his poem The Prairies, William Cullen Bryants exhibits a sympathetic interest in the past throughout this work. Bryant begins his poem by saying, These are the Gardens of the Desert, these/ The Unshorn fields, boundless and beautiful, / And fresh as the young earth, errRead MoreThe Great And Famous Poets Of History And Names1894 Words   |  8 Pagesremembrance any of the great and famous poems known to man and titles such as The Iliad, â€Å"The Raven†, and â€Å"Carpe Diem† might be recalled and admired. Very seldom in our personal lists of famed or admired poets does the name William Cullen Bryant make an appearance, and works of his such as â€Å"Thanatopsis† are all but familiar to the average American citizen. Despite this rather unfortunate modern reality, a very longstanding truth remains firm about the late William Cullen Bryant; He was at some point in hisRead More`` Contemplations `` By Anne Bradstreet Essay1462 Words   |  6 Pagesoften may ble ed into another. This is particularly visible between the Colonial Period, specifically Puritan literature, and the Romantic and Transcendental time. Specifically, the overlap of the Puritan and Transcendental styles is evident in the poem â€Å"Contemplations† by Anne Bradstreet. In order to fully understand how Bradstreet foreshadowed later themes in â€Å"Contemplations†, the context of the Colonial time must be examined, along with famed works from the Transcendental period. For startersRead More romanticism Essay640 Words   |  3 Pagesbecause he sold his soul for money.† The devil picked Tom and away he galloped† (Irving) nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;At the same time William Cullen Bryant was also an important writer during this time who had a big interest in nature and this helped to establish a new romantic movement in America. One of his most famous works was â€Å" Thenaptosis†. This is a beautiful poem because with the characteristic of celebration of beauty and mystery of nature it shows how beautiful nature is and if someday someoneRead MoreLiterary Analysis Of Freedom Of Speech1325 Words   |  6 Pagesthe press were what the country was built on, and are still exercised every day in America. American citizens, since the times of the British Colonies, were so outspoken that they founded a nation on the freedom to believe whatever you want to believe. Most Americans still exhibit this characteristic today. As shown in Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by the Reverend Jonathan Edwards, â€Å"Thanatopsis† by William Cullen Bryant, and What is an American? by J. Hector St. John Creve coeur, Americans areRead MoreThe American Dream Analysis827 Words   |  4 Pagesthe better. One author, William Bryant Cullen, emphasized how America is a refuge for â€Å"Earth’s trodden down and opprest† peoples, including the â€Å"hunted head† and the â€Å"starved laborer.† This phrase from the patriotic poem indicates that the poor peoples of Europe, including fugitives or debtors –– the hunted heads –– and the jobless common folk whose competitions for wages increase with the population boom in the Old World –– the starved laborer –– are all welcome in America. He presents a hopefulRead MoreThe Fireside Poets Were Popular At A Time When The United States1382 Words   |  6 Pagespoets were one of the first groups to take their views to a more real-world level, in founding magazines such as the Atlantic Monthly (John Greenleaf Whittier), supporting public projects such as Central Park and th e Metropolitan Museum of Art (William Cullen Bryant), and even founding a political party and running for Congress (John Greenleaf Whittier). The lead-up to the Civil War was also weighing on the minds of many, which prompted Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to write â€Å"Paul Revere’s Ride†, anRead MoreEarly American Literature Essay1511 Words   |  7 Pages It quickly became evident that the search for a native literature became a national obsession. Then with the triumph of American independence, many at the time saw this as a divine sign that America and her people were destined for greatness. Greatness came with a strong nation and thousands of poems and stories that still shape our nation. The recent revolution greatly expressed the heart of the American people. However, it would take another fifty years of development throughout AmericanRead MoreThe Fire Side Poets from the Romantic Period of Literature Appreciate Nature586 Words   |  3 Pageswhere people were trying to find a distinctive voice. The Romantic period included letters, poems, essays, books, and art. Most of the authors focused on feelings, which is why its called the â€Å"Romantic† period. The authors can be put into four different groups, The fire side poets, The Transcendentalist, American Gothic, and The Early Romantics. The fire side authors had an appreciation for nature. Poems were read aloud around camp fires by many different families. This is how they got the nameRead MoreThe Harlem Renaissance and Slave Narratives1431 Words   |  6 Pagesboth the Harlem Renaissance writers and slave narratives showed the will for a better life and hope for the future, which they hoped to make better. Writers like Langston Hughes who were from the Harlem renaissance and were educated writers wrote poems like â€Å"I, Too† which talks about how the black man shall one day sit on the dinner table with the white folks, even though they have mistreated him. An example of this is â€Å"Tomorrow, I’ll be at the table when company comes, nobody’ll dare say to me eat

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Diet Coke and Coca Cola free essay sample

In task 3 we had to select a product with a successful promotional campaign and describe the promotional campaign and why it can be considered a success then we needed to describe the role of advertising agencies and the media played in ensuring the success of this promotional campaign and as lastly describe the services offered by the advertising agency and how the organization and agency work together in the development of a successful promotional campaign and by task 4 we needed to explain the reasons behind the choice of media in a successful campaign. Roles of advertising Service offered Coca cola uses really well-known advertising agencies for the advertisement of their Diet coke products like the Karl Lagerfeld commercial on their Diet coke this was a very expensive way of advertising, but they have high promotional budgets and in house resources. By making all this awesome commercial happened they use advertisement on magazines, television, billboards and posters and even online advertising this all happens in the advertisement agencies what designed all these commercials and together with all the staff members of Coca cola may later decide on whether to post the commercials online (to decide if the commercials are appropriate enough to air them) Cost options The coca cola company uses an agency as any other business does. We will write a custom essay sample on Diet Coke and Coca Cola or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Diet Coke (also known as Diet Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light or Coke light) is a sugar-free soft drink produced and distributed by The Coca-Cola Company. It was first introduced in the United States on August 9, 1982, as the first new brand since 1886 to use the Coca-Cola trademark. The product quickly overtook the soft drink Tab in sales. On its in house staff coca cola really knows how to draw and capture the market for its own most of coca cola campaign are all high qualified because lots of more is been spent on it, the models use in all coca cola diet coke campaign make the products itself very at hand that’s not to cheap and not to expensive for the consumer to purchase them and all this leads to huge success for this product and as we as for the coca cola business. Media planning The coca cola board team or agencies makes every single year new and exciting commercial that are based on the various seasons and various occasion that might be happening in a particular season. And before all this land on television, billboards, magazines and posters there has been a lot of media planning before all the commercial are shown on television. Coca cola ask its customers on their website to create their own Karl Lagerfeld bottle design on the Diet coke and the most stylish and fabulous design will win a particular price. Types of media Local regional / National international Before and even starting a campaign business like coca cola have to know what their targeted audience are that is their potential customers and the target audience is that Coca-Cola does not market Diet Coke to male construction workers, but to women aged 18 to 35. Why? Because women 18 to 35 simply consume the most diet soft drinks. Sure, construction workers may consume the product from time to time but when it comes to marketing it is all about numbers and results. And on the other hand they have to know how to target is particular audience which they can reach them by commercials on television, on billboards and in magazines; coca cola has both huge geographic and demographic segmentation which leave coca cola with a huge and complex target audience Terrestrial satellite You may see or come across posters of coca cola diet coke where ever you go because the product is advertisement television (national television). Coca cola diets coke is mostly advertised on fashion magazine like that of Karl Lagerfeld why? Because the coca cola business knows that most women look at this magazine to know more about the lasts fashion at hand and also advertised this product on television channels that they know 50% of the women watched to reach them with their message. Digital internet Coca cola is actually one of the businesses that really interfere with the media and the internet they have many site on where you find out information about their products. Diet coke is advertised on websites like Facebook, twitter and lot more and even have special site of the Diet coke and also most important they have lots of commercial about this particular brand on YouTube. Specialist media The coca cola diet coke is a drinks you can drink anywhere and at any time there is not specific time or place for a consumers to consume this product. Coca cola diet coke is always advertised on television but mostly on special occasion and in most of the commercials you see only the girl and how they are focus on high fashion, by the way they dress.

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Adequacy of Assertion by Kenneth Andrews on Strategy free essay sample

Strategy is a term that comes from the Greek word strategic, meaning generalship. In the military, strategy often refers to maneuvering troops into position before the enemy is actually engaged. In other words strategy refers to the deployment of troops. Once the enemy is engaged attention shifts to tactics. Thus, in business, strategy involves the deployment of resources (like troops in the military sense) towards achieving a vision or an ultimate objective.Kenneth Andrews is first edition of The Concept of Corporate Strategy In 1971 and updated In 1980 defined corporate strategy as the pattern of decisions In a company that determines and reveals Its objectives, purposes or goals, produces the principal policies and plans for achieving those goals, and defines the range of businesses the company is to pursue, the kind of economic and human organization it is or intends to be, and the nature of the economic and non-economic contribution it intends to make to its shareholders, employees, customers, and communities. We will write a custom essay sample on Adequacy of Assertion by Kenneth Andrews on Strategy or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Numerous definitions of treated have been made. However some of these definitions with time and experience have been criticized as having some weaknesses.Generally any good strategy must satisfy the following: 0 C] C] C] C] Fit the situation of the business/ organization Help the company to achieve sustainable competitive advantage Have the ability to boost the performance of the company Be flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances of the industry and market Be worth Implementing as compared to the forgone alternatives with respect to the risks Involved The adequacy or otherwise) of Kenneth Andrews assertion that the strategy of a company is a purposes or goals, produces the principal policies and plan for achieving those goals shall in the ensuing paragraphs be analyzed.Adequacy of Kenneth Andrews definition of strategy Page 2 The following can be deduced from Kenneth Andrews assertion: 0 0 That the strategy of a company is a reflection of the pattern of decision. These pat tern of decisions in turn determines the objectives, purposes or goals and also the principal policies plan for achieving those goals. 1 . From Kenneth Andrews definition of strategy, we see a true fact that strategy should dictate the kind of decision patterns corporate organizations make. 2. Strategy must always inform the goals, purposes and objectives of an organization.These objectives or goals must finally lead to the achievement of the strategy and aiming at the vision 3. Kenneth Andrews assertion also sees strategy as a unified integrated plan to attain the firms ultimate objective or vision 4. Kenneth Andrews assertion encapsulates the four categories which other definitions of strategy covers (especially y Henry Integer, 1994). Biz: 0 0 Plan, a how, a means from one point to another Pattern in actions over time. For example a company that regularly markets very expensive products is using a high-end strategy. E. G.Jaguar cars, which are very luxurious and expensive, and wouldnt produce a car that sells below a certain high value 0 0 Position, I. E. Reflects decision to offer products or services in particular markets Perspective, I. E. A vision and direction, a view of what the company or organization is to become 5. Andrews definition of strategy also spells out the need for a vision/mission statement and aligns decisions, targets, goals, policies with vision mission statements On the other hand, some limitations/weaknesses criticisms of Kenneth Andrews assertion include: 1 .Kenneth Andrews assertion does not stress on the need for strategy to give the firm a competitive advantage. A winning strategy must always boost the performance of the company. 2. The assertion does not also address on dwelling on the firms core competencies Page 3 3. Flexibility in strategy to adapt to changing circumstances is not well considered or factored in Kenneth Andrews assertion. 4. Kenneth Andrews definition of strategy does not consider how well the strategy fits the situation of the company 5.Again, the assertion does not show any action to capture emerging markets 6. Assessment, considerations and analysis of the external environment is not well taken care of by or possible effect of industry players 8. The sensation doesnt seek to analyze and mitigate possible threats or other external forces such as the bargaining power of appliers/buyers, rivalry within the industry, barriers to entry and threats of new entrants.

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Legalizing Prostitution essays

Legalizing Prostitution essays Wendy slides into a nice pair of slacks, and a long sleeved button down blouse. She carefully applies her make up and curls her hair. She does not portray a prostitute, but instead, a high class businesswoman. She kisses her daughters goodbye and tells them to keep the doors locked. She is a typical woman going to work at night. She walks into one of the more classy hotels and seats herself at an expensive bar. Soon enough, a man comes to her and asks her if she would like to accompany him back to his room. Wendy accepts the offer, and three hours later she comes home with enough money to pay the rent and feed her children for the entire month. She allows the men to come to her. She does not solicit herself. Many prostitutes do not have the patience to wait around, so they work corners and hourly motels. These are the women who give Wendy, and other prostitutes like her, a bad name. Prostitution, in a clean, controlled, environment can be a noble profession, and should therefore be l egalized. Illegal prostitution is unsafe. Many prostitutes who make their money illegally, are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and therefore have little respect for themselves. According to experts in psychology and law, over 84% of illegal prostitutes use drugs. Sharing needles, and having unprotected sex are some habits of drug users. This can be dangerous for other people. If these people are then having sex with others for money, diseases and viruses can easily be passed from one to another. For this reason, there should be more places where prostitution can legally, and safely take place. In Las Vegas, Nevada, there are prostitution houses many miles out of town away from schools, parks, and other public places where prostitution should not be taking place. The women who work in these homes respect themselves, and each other. They are responsible, knowledgeable women. They pay taxes for the money they earn and are providing services to men in a s...

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The Role of Fluency in Comprehension Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Role of Fluency in Comprehension - Essay Example This paper, basically, examines the effects of reading fluency on comprehension. Fluency refers to the ability to read aloud automatically and expressively with understanding (Fountas & Pinnell 62). Fluency is one of the requirements for becoming an excellent reader. Excellent readers are efficient problem solvers, who utilize syntax and meaning as they quickly decode unfamiliar words efficiently. Fluency should, however, not replace the meaning as the main focus of reading (Fountas & Pinnell 64). According to Mrs. Pepper, a speech pathologist in Athens, fluency is the ability to pronounce the words without struggling. She suggests that struggling to call words affects people’s thoughts. The National Reading Panel defines fluency as the ability to read comprehension accurately, quickly, and with proper expression (Fountas & Pinnell 68). The study of fluency among school children became a significant concern, after NRP realized the children were not getting the proper fluency r equired out of them. Limited fluency makes it difficult for the children to understand what they reading. The researchers analyzed two teaching approaches since they had not settled on one. The first approach requires students to read comprehension orally with feedback and guidance (Fountas & Pinnell 65). This includes paired reading, assisted reading, repeated reading, and shared reading. The second approach encourages students to read extensively. This includes programs such as accelerated reader, drops everything and read (DEAR), sustained silent reading (SSR), or any other appropriate incentive program (Fountas & Pinnell 67). The researcher at NRP established that Guided Repeated Reading procedures are efficient enough to improve reading fluency, and general reading achievement. These procedures improve word fluency, recognition and comprehension (Fountas & Pinnell 70). However, the researchers found out that children do not improve their fluency if they are left to read on thei r own. It is also necessary recognize that these programs do not improve reading skills. Fluency is usually analyzed with respect to comprehension. After the Pre-Kindergarten level, children are expected to begin reading independently. As the complexity and volume of reading materials and expectations get wider, children who still have a problem in reading fluency usually have difficult times understanding and handling schoolwork (Fountas & Pinnell 69). Students who cannot read and understand passages lose both the academic and intellectual grounds. The NPR identifies a strong correlation between comprehension and fluency. Fluency frees reference materials to process meaning. Fluency is something that is instantly acquired, and therefore, it is long-term. Classroom activities and strategies like repeated reading can encourage students achieve fluency (Fountas & Pinnell 72). There are various strategies that tutors can use to develop, and improve fluency among their students. For ins tance, teachers and students can do repeated reading in classroom, try readers’ theater in class, and model fluent reading (Fountas & Pinnell 65). Modeling provides approaches through which the teachers demonstrate unfamiliar reading strategy or skill to the students. Teachers are experienced readers, and they do modeling whenever they participate in literacy activities. Pre-Kindergarten students learn from their teachers when they turn pages, hold books, and read from left to right. They also listen to the tonal variation and